Learn About Vacation Ownership

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With Vacation Ownership, or timeshare, you can relax knowing that your luxury accommodations will be available to you the rest of your life. Millions of vacationers have chosen the spacious, homelike amenities of Vacation Ownership as a way to ensure the space and flexibility needed to truly enjoy their time away. Combined with the flexibility and value of vacation ownership, research continually points to the growing benefits of timeshare.

Today, 4.1 million households own a weekly interval or a point-equivalent at over 1600 U.S. resorts and have access to over 150,000 resorts worldwide. The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) recently conducted surveys with timeshare owners and found that 80% of all owners expressed satisfaction with their purchase. An even more interesting fact is that 68% of all owners say that owning timeshare has increased the amount time they spend vacationing. Vacation Ownership is your starting point to becoming one of the many who are able to enjoy vacationing in some of the world’s most desired locations.

There are two general types of vacation ownership. Traditional timeshare ownership is an agreement set up between the owner and the developer allowing the owner to purchase a deeded week at a specific time or season. However, there is a growing trend in the second type known as a vacation club which typically is a point-based system allowing an owner to use points as a form of currency to vacation more frequently and with more flexibility.

Most vacation ownership programs are affiliated with a larger exchange company that provides members with the opportunity to exchange their week or points for destinations outside the owner’s home resort or vacation club.

Whether you’re new to vacation ownership, a traditional owner, or a new owner with the InnSeason Vacation Club, it’s time to start enjoying your vacations the way they were meant to be, where and when you want them without worries!