Adventure Club

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Adventure Club
The Adventure Club allows owners at select resorts around the world to assign the use of their resort week to InnSeason Vacation Club and in return receive InnSeason Vacation Club Points. The InnSeason Vacation Club Points may be used for one or several getaways at InnSeason Vacation Club resorts. Reservations may be made for a minimum of two nights or for as long as your points allow!

As a member of the InnSeason Adventure Club you can turn your 7 nights into several adventurous getaways. Turn your St. Maarten week into two Cape escapes and one ski week end. Don’t be tied to the traditional one week vacation. Mid-week getaway adventures abound! Ski weekends? Not a problem with the InnSeason Adventure Club. This year rather than making airline reservations, make resort reservations at any of InnSeason Resorts (and our affiliates) throughout New England

If you wish to assign your week to the InnSeason Vacation Club and obtain Club Points, follow these simple steps:

  1. Use the InnSeason Vacation Club Release Form to advise us of your desire to have points allocated to your account. We must be notified at least 6 months prior to the check-in date of the reservation you are assigning to the Club. This assignment can be done between 12 and 6 months prior to arrival.
  2. Be certain that your Club fees are current. There is a $49 Reservation/Inventory Fee for each non-InnSeason Resort week deposited with the InnSeason Vacation Club.
  3. Once we have verified that you are current in your payments to your homeowners association and that the week you are depositing is available for Club use we will deposit the appropriate number of Points into your account.
  4. InnSeason Vacation Club Points received through this process follow the same usage guidelines as original InnSeason Vacation Club points.
  5. Release forms are available online here.
  6. If you do not have access to the Internet, or to make a reservation, please call the InnSeason Vacation Club Reservations Department at 888.333.1515.
Possible Point Allocations

Point allocation will minimally be the lowest point level for each unit type and season. Final point allocation will be based on value of the week deposited with the Club.

Shoulder Season High Season
Studio 50,000 65,000
1 Bedroom 65,000 90,000
2 Bedroom 90,000 110,000
3 Bedroom 110,000 135,000

Shoulder Season: intervals bordering High Demand periods;
High Season: intervals occurring within High Demand periods.